Sunday, 29 June 2014

One Year On

One year ago yesterday we packed up and moved north from Yorkshire to Cumbria.
It has been a great year.

Having grown absolutely nothing last year, we were keen to get started on our new veg garden.

When we arrived the garden looked like this...
... and that's just part of it. Steve actually scythed it all and we had little haystacks dotted all over the place for a while.

Fast forward one year and we have an asparagus bed that I mentioned here and a few other beds.

I have my 'Bean Ship' to the left.
I call it that because as I sit here at the window it looks just like a three masted ship sailing along. It's a bit higgledy-piggledy but it's doing the job. I knew we wouldn't get a bed finished in time for them so used a planter that was already here.
I have runners and borlotti beans and a few peas thrown in for good measure.

Behind that is a potato bed. We have only planted a few earlies, main crop and lates. We are enjoying the earlies already. Then we have an onion bed and a shallot bed. Carrots and broad beans are growing in containers.

The greenhouse which had a grape vine in it along with a mass of weeds now looks like this.

Inside we have tomatoes in grow bags and I am trying some sweetcorn in there too. I was late getting seeds in and hope they come to something.

My beautiful Bay Trees are standing guard here until all the building work is finished on the house.

All my herbs and our soft fruits are living in pots until we find them a permanent home.

At least it's a start.


  1. It's a fantastic start at that :)

  2. There is nothing better than starting new veg path - I hope t brings you loads of veg over the years to come!

    1. We've never really done it from scratch before and it's fun. No where near finished yet though!

  3. Well done, it's all sounding and looking good. Happy gardening. Flighty

  4. With a lot of work it's a start. However , gardening is worth it.

    1. That is so true, Red. Very rewarding in many ways.

  5. just awesome have a blessed week

  6. What a fabulous job you have done - your garden looks fabulous. I too love growing veggies, it is so rewarding being able to scoff what you grow. Well done you.

  7. What a great achievement in a year, you've done a grand job.

  8. Thank you. It all tastes so much better from your own patch too!