Wednesday, 9 July 2014

And the Wall came Tumbling Down

Removing the kitchen wall went a lot more smoothly that I had anticipated and, apart from a layer of dust everywhere, the mess was tolerable.

We are amazed at how big our kitchen now is. It has been hard to imagine the space. We have doubled the size of it.
This photo is taken from the old side of the kitchen.

The window in the centre is where the new sink will go.

Yesterday work began on laying the floor. This
caused a bit of a headache since the old floor is not level - what a surprise. A solution was found and the floor for the extension was laid.

The photo looks a bit odd because I took it at an angle to try and get it all in. Once this has 'gone off' they will pop the old sink back in temporarily and we can plumb the washing machine in to the utility room which is through the doorway.

Meanwhile we have been washing the dishes in the bathroom sink.

The Rayburn is still under wraps and the electric cooker can't be wired into its permanent home until the rest of the floor is done. We bought a cheapie microwave just in case we need to resort to 'ding' meals, or Jacket Potatoes, but so far haven't needed it.

On Monday evening we had a barbecue and last night treated ourselves to fish & chips, which Steve picked up on his way home from work. It's looking a bit breezy for a barbecue this evening so I am still pondering this evenings meal. Jacket Spuds are sounding good to me...


  1. You must be relieved that it's gone well so far, and I imagine that with three dogs you'll welcome the extra floor space once it's all done. Flighty xx

    1. Certainly Flighty, I can't move for dogs some days :)

  2. Its so exciting when they knock through, you wont know what to do with yourself in all that extra space.

  3. Well hi there. I was just checking on some more blogs tonight and found yours. We too raise rare hogs, The Red Wattle, lots of fun those pigs. Love the look of your new bigger kitchen.

    1. Hi! Your pigs look wonderful! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Nice update and thank you for sharing have a blessed weekend