Thursday, 3 July 2014

Knocking Through

Having the kitchen extension built has not caused us too much disruption.
All that is about to change.

On Monday this wall will start to come down and the sink and electric cooker will be disconnected.

Knocking through they call it. Bloomin' big mess is what I'm thinking.

I have spent this morning emptying cupboards and tomorrow we shall start taking the cabinets out.

The Rayburn, which you can just glimpse on the right, is off because we want to cover it to protect it during the rest of the work phase. We have no clear idea when the electric cooker will be reconnected because it is moving to a different wall on the left which has yet to be exposed.

We are praying for good barbecue weather over the foreseeable future.

The builders hope that they will be able to move the old sink to the new position under this window as a temporary measure. This photo is taken through the window in the top photo.

At least I won't have to take the dishes into the bath with me!

I'm excited but dreading it at the same time.


  1. When we had a big new kitchen/bedroom extension and alterations inside we bought an old caravan and lived in that and the conservatory for the 4 months the work took.
    Good luck with your work going all to plan!

    1. We've had building work ongoing since last autumn but it hasn't really affected us until now. I'm hoping it won't be 4 months more!

  2. We've been there and know the mess is terrible. But you're expecting that so you're prepared, and hopefully it wont feel too bad. At one point when we were doing our house development we were down to a single water supply in the upstairs shower room.
    it will be worth it when it's done.

    jean x

  3. I hope that it all goes well. Flighty xx