Friday, 27 June 2014

To Plus or Not To Plus?

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

I hope you can offer me some advice about Google+

Have you Plussed?
What benefits are there?
Are there any pitfalls?

I'm dithering because I'm afraid it will all become too much to handle but I've fallen out with the FB page I have.

I also have a problem in that they have a personalised URL for me but I have no mobile signal here so I can't take advantage of it.

Any thoughts or tips would be wonderful, thanks!


  1. I'm on Google+ but never use it so can't really offer any advice on its pros and cons. I'm also on Facebook but only because I have friends there who aren't elsewhere, and on Twitter which I have to say I like. Flighty xx

  2. Because I'm a bit of a geek and a lot of my friends are mega-geeks, we all joined google+ pretty early but I don't think any of us use it now. You've just encouraged me to log on for the first time in months and months and months, and my entire feed is just auto reposts of things people have done elsewhere.

    That said, perhaps we're unusual and already getting our social media fix elsewhere (Twitter, mostly). Can you find a few people you'd imagine befriending on there and seeing if they're using it?

  3. I'm not on Google + either. I use Twitter. Any more social media and I would be on the pc all day methinks.

    jean x

  4. Thanks everyone. I know a few bloggers who use it. I think I'll stick to what I know. I haven't tweeted for ages.