Thursday, 19 June 2014

Here's Looking At You Kid

We are fortunate to live in Red Squirrel Country and we are privileged to have daily visits from at least two of them.

I do have better photographs but this one appealed to me.

They usually run along the stone wall and call in at the feeder we have for them in one of our Sycamore trees.

We rarely see them on the grass; they are well aware of our dogs.

However, we have a few apple trees at this end of the garden and some of the small fruits have dropped - just too enticing for a squirrel.

We saw our first visitor last year and you can read about him on our Blog Archive here.


  1. Oh how lucky you are to have red squirrels visit you, we just have the grey ones , I remember my gran having red squirrels visit her garden she use to put a bowl of porridge out for them, I use to love climbing up on to the window seat to watch them.

  2. Lucky you seeing red squirrels, especially like that. Flighty xx