Friday, 13 June 2014

Aspirations of Asparagus

Steve and I have been together for some 11 years and we have been growing vegetables together for most of that time. Each year, when planning for the next season, we would contemplate asparagus. Each year we concluded that it takes too long to grow.

One of the first beds we made at our new home was an asparagus bed. Finally we had taken the plunge!

We bought asparagus crowns from New Park Farm Asparagus in Kent and along with the crowns they sent us comprehensive planting and growing instructions. They also publish month by month advice on their website.

We won't be able to harvest any this year but we have still been aspargus watching.

One lone asparagus spear battled it's way through. We are very proud of it, even if it does look a little spindly.

I took this photo a couple of days ago. When I checked this morning, several more spears are poking through.

I know they are late compared to more southern parts but better late than never.

It looks as if we have ourselves an Asparagus bed.


  1. Asparagus bed is on my list to get done and planted this Autumn at the new house, I havent decided what varietys to go for yet, we have a couple of Asparagus beds here small ones and they have been nice and productive

  2. Have you thought of growing some of these as white asparagus, I cannot remember the last time we ate green asparagus.

    1. I'd have to look that up, is white a different variety or do you build up the soil to keep it white?

  3. Well done, it's something that I don't eat so don't grow. Flighty xx

  4. Did you catch Monty in Gardeners World last night? He did a piece on his Asparagus bed.

    Jean x

  5. I think a lot of people are put off growing asparagus because of the long wait until it can be harvested, but I think it's a case of getting on with it, the time before you can harvest some will be up in no time. Hope it does well for you.