Monday, 2 June 2014

And Jilly Came Too

We have three dogs.

Jilly is the eldest and before we moved I had been silently double daring her to pop her clogs before we moved.

That may sound harsh but she is such a contrary old lady that it would have been just like her to pop off before she could sample the delights of our new home.

She made it, and she loves it.

During our first summer she seemed entranced by the fact that she could go out of one door, amble around the bungalow, and come back in through another door. She couldn't do that at our old place. The novelty hasn't worn off.

She caught one of her dew claws recently. It didn't break off, just snapped right at the quick. I hoped the nail would regrow and push the snapped bit off. To help this, I made her wear a sock...

You know how little kids socks always seem to grow at the toes and they end up with loose sock flapping? She was like that. It was so funny but then she kept tripping herself up on it and giving me dirty looks when I giggled. I had to abandon the sock idea. Luckily the claw has healed by itself and she is fine.

She spends a lot of time outdoors up here. The photo shows her sat down by the pig pen, one of her favourite places.

I was prompted to post this because today we are finally having the scaffolding removed after building work that has been going on for some time. The skies are darkening and I am left with the thought that Jilly can no longer sit outside under the scaffolding in the rain.... I forsee more dirty looks from her....


  1. A nice post, which made me smile, about a lovely dog. Flighty xx

  2. She looks very much like my dog Harry lab glad she gets some more quality time in her new gaff