Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Name; Same Old Blog

In May this year I decided to remove all the old blog posts from this blog.

I miss them.

I have set up a new, old blog under the name "A Small Holding In Yorkshire."

All of my old posts are there, however...

It is not going as smoothly as I anticipated especially as Picasa and Google+ appear to have got their undergarments in a twist and I'm missing all of my photographs.

I shall persevere and, hopefully, will get this page looking spit spot with  new features, new photo's and links here, there and everywhere - and the new.old blog looking like it should.

If anyone is out there, please bear with me.



  1. I shall wait at the door with baited breath :-)

  2. Lovely update and thank you for sharing have a blessed weekend

  3. What good fun fiddling with computers is?!
    Good luck with your new old blog or old new blog!

  4. Super news and good luck with persevering :)