Saturday, 24 May 2014

Messing With/Up My Blog

Well, I did some fiddling last night and it appears that all my current photo's have disappeared!

I hope to sort it our soon - more fiddling is required!

However, contrary to the rain forecast for today, it is dry and sunny, if a bit blustery so garden chores must come first.


  1. Same thing happened to me a few weeks back. I couldn't fathom out how to bring them back so it would be fab if you could. I could re issue them as it were. Hope you get it sorted out. It does seem remarkably dry out considering the amount of rain in the past few days, hope you get lots done.

    1. Sorry Joanne, I've found no easy way other than to upload them again.

  2. What a nuisance, I hope that you get it sorted out. Flighty xx

  3. I don't tend to mess with my blog as I know I'd end up doing something to it and wouldn't know how to sort it out, I'm not technically minded at all. We've got a sunny day here today, I hope you have too.