Thursday, 22 May 2014

About Us

Most smallholding journeys begin with growing your own food, progress to keeping a few chickens for eggs and then take the big leap into keeping larger livestock.

Our story is no different and we began this blog in 2010 when we took that big leap and decided to raise Rare Breed pigs for our own consumption.

The Pig and Chicken pages tell most of our story.
My previous post explains that I have deleted all the posts made since 2010.

In 2013 we realised a dream and moved from Yorkshire to Cumbria.
From a three bedroom house that had been in my family since my Great Grandparents time, to a "tiny house by a tiny stream" or, more specifically, a three bedroom bungalow.

The land we have now is slightly more than we had before and the plan is to continue where we left off.

To this end, our chickens moved with us and we already have this years pigs housed safely in their pen.
The garden is taking longer to transform than we anticipated, so we have a limited amount of produce in the ground. Still, compared to last year when we grew nothing, we are doing well!

Having deleted our history, some things will need to be re-introduced. Apologies to old friends and followers but I am hoping some new friends will come along.

The family at present consists:
Me and Steve
Jilly - our old Black Labrador
Amber & Molly - two young Labradors coming up to their 2nd birthday
Six Chickens
Two British Saddlebacks.

I have stories about them all and photo's will be in abundance.


  1. A nice about us post to set the scene so to speak. Flighty xx

  2. i love this feel of a fresh start and am getting excited to learn everything xxx