Tuesday, 6 May 2014


One morning in mid-April we watched a chaffinch nest being built in a tree close to our house. We thought that Mr & Mrs Chaffinch were building but it turns out that only the female builds the nest.

It's very impressive.
If you didn't know it was there you wouldn't see it.
You may need to click on the photograph to confirm that it is actually there, just in the right hand fork of the tree.

We have kept peeking at the nest and just yesterday noticed that Mrs.
Chaffinch is indeed sitting on the nest. Again, you may need to click on the photo to see her peeking out.
Beneath her, hopefully, will be a clutch of 4 or 5 eggs which will take 11 - 13 days to incubate.

I hesitated in posting this news because the last time I shared a nest things didn't turn out very well and the nest was abandoned.
Fingers crossed for Mr & Mrs Chaffinch.


  1. Oh yes fingers crossed, we have both Chaffinches & Greenfinches visiting the feeders & of course plenty of Goldfinches. The first two are a recent addition to the garden & are lovely to see.

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for visiting :) Goldfinches are lovely.

  2. As Joanne says fingers crossed. I like the more subdued colouring of the females. Flighty xx

  3. How lovely...And yes fingers crossed....

  4. I like it too although some people think it drab.

  5. Fingers are now crossed for fledglings - she is feeding chicks but i can only get a glimpse of their beaks :)