Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spring Unsprung

For me, today is the day that Spring should, well, spring into action.

This morning dawned sunny and I had high hopes. But, as I read the weather forecast that promised me sunny spells and white clouds, I could see a large, black cloud looming. I checked the forecast again. Grey clouds are not due until 2pm and they are not supposed to hang around for long. So much for Spring and weathermen.

I considered a Spring photograph then settled for this one of Amber springing. Both pups have great fun flinging things into the air and catching them.

Jilly, on the other hand, is a coiled spring.

She has taken to playing with the pups in the evening. Here, she is actually waiting for one of them to try and take the blue toy. Molly is crouched just out of shot, barking at Jilly who, as you can see, is pretending to be fast asleep. All hell broke loose a few seconds later as Molly finally pounced.

Our seeds remain unsown but we hope to make some progress in that direction this coming weekend even though the weatherman is telling us that it will snow.

St. Patrick's Day came and went and not a single potato was sown. We were late putting them to chit but after only one day, our sets started sprouting like mad. We shall plant our first earlies in the polytunnel and the rest will have to take their chances in a soggy garden.

The hens are laying sporadically, as they have throughout the winter. As we get more sunlight we hope egg production will pick up a little, but these girls are getting on a bit now so we don't expect a yield as high as last year.

We had considered letting the cockerel run with them this Spring in the hopes of maybe incubating some of our own eggs. However, this option is not really open to us this year because we have other plans afoot.

So, the cockerel remains with the Welsummer who has finally posed for a decent photo.

She was our first ever chick.

She is laying six days out of seven, which is just as it should be. Unless she decides to sit on her eggs we shall not be collecting any to incubate.

We are undecided about what we shall do if one of the Warrens goes broody again. We could pop some of the Welsummer eggs under her, but we shall cross that bridge if we come to it.

Meanwhile, the birds are on the wing but Spring remains, for us, unsprung.


  1. Lovely photo of the Welsummer,my chickens have also been laying sporadically but enough to keep baking

  2. I love your little chick... I've planted my potatoes in the bins already. I have three in my garden which I put sheets of glass over the top to protect them from the frost. I grow enough to feed my husband and I. I've planted out my onions too. On my kitchen window I have butternuts, toms & peppers growing, but nothing is happening in my coldframe or greenhouse yet.

  3. Lovely post, especially about the dogs playing.
    I had hoped to plant my first early potatoes about now but having to wait for better weather and drier ground. Flighty xx

  4. Lovely to catch's. been a while x


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