Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Puppy Safe Candles

Most of my candles had to go when we brought home two puppies. Initially, candles didn't pose a threat but Labrador pups grow quickly and table tops and window sills were made for exploring. Naked flames and hot candle wax do not mix well with inquisitive pups.

Luckily for me, Paramount Zone made me a timely offer to try their remote control candle set.

I jumped at the chance because these are LED candles; no naked flames, no hot wax... but they are not something I would normally look at buying.
I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They look the part and they are finished in wax. Yes, I ran my fingernail down one to make sure and it occured to me that maybe the tops could be sculpted, if one so desired. It also occured to me that, if the pups did get hold of them, they wouldn't last long in the grip of sharp little teeth. Still, there will be no danger of fire or spilt hot wax in the event of prying paws knocking them over.
It was disappointing to find that each candle requires 2 AAA batteries that are not supplied although the remote does have its CR2025 battery included.
Once the batteries were bought and installed, it was time to play with the remote and I have been playing for the past week, turning them on and off at will, making them go dim or brighter and switching from flicker to steady flame, all at the touch of a button. I'm sure that the novelty will wear off. The novelty will wear off if I lose the remote but I shall still be able to turn them on and off using the base switch on each candle. Not as much fun, but practical.
They are not better than the real thing, but they do 'hold a candle' to the real thing. On dim, there is barely any light so I prefer the brighter setting. I also prefer the flicker setting because it makes them seem more real. I like that they can be set to turn themselves off after 4 or 8 hours, and this makes me think they would be nice as a night light in a bedroom.
Overall, as a safe alternative to real candles, I am happy with them. They will certainly be safer and more practical than real candles as centre pieces for Christmas decorations. Come summer, if it arrives this year, it will be nice to have outdoor candlelight that does not get consistently blown out.
I have no idea how long they will 'burn' for. Confusingly the box says "over 200 hours for each battery change" on one side then goes on to say "each candle glows for 50,000 hours" on another side of the box. Granted, 50,000 is over 200, but it's a vast variation and I can only conclude that maybe the LEDs wear out after 50,000 hours? So, 50,000 hours is the product life, whereas you will need to change the batteries every 200 hours?
Paramount are presenting this product as one of their Christmas present ideas for all the family and they do come nicely packaged in an anonymously shaped box - so no clues for those who like to feel their presents to guess what is inside.   
All I will say is that, if you do choose these as a gift for someone, please don't commit Santa's Sin; make sure you include the correct batteries with your gift. I already have some recipients in mind...

We were sent these products free of charge but we have received no financial reward for writing this review, it is simply our opinion


  1. Wow, I like them... a great gift I think I shall get some for myself too.

  2. they can certainly come up with some cool stuff these days. Poor pups...nothing good to chew.

  3. A good review, however they're not something that I would use. xx

  4. Seems like a safer alternative to real candles.

  5. Merry Christmas Mo & Steve :) I hope you're enjoying your day with your fur-babies and animal crew. Have a brilliant holiday season and all the best for 2013 Xx

  6. Thinking of you and hoping you had a wonderful Christmas ... and that your candles are still shining ... :) All the best in the New Year!


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