Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Time to Spring Into Action

The ancient gardener shook his head:
"You dasn't hurry 'em," he said
"Unless you lets 'em take their time,
You'll never see 'em in their prime.
You fidgets 'em wi' that and this,
But summat's sure to go amiss.
You thinks that they be goin' strong,
But summat's bound to some along,
And if they frosties be late,
You'll lose the lot, as sure as fate...
'Tis all the same wi' fruit and flowers -
In God's good time, and not in ours."

The Vernal Equinox is early this year, and it will be on March 20th for the next three years, thanks to a hiccup caused by the Leap Year.
This time last year, we already had the first of our seedlings. This year we only have peppers peeking through. We decided not to try and beat Nature at her own game with early sowings this year.
I shall start sowing in earnest tomorrow.
For those of you keen to start a Cut Flower garden this year, Higgeldy Garden is starting a Free Online Cut Flower Growing Course today.

Do let us know if you join Ben in his 'Grow Along' :)


  1. I love the quote. glad you are adhering to it!

  2. I seem to be further behind than I usually am at this time of year. I shall have to get some seed sowing done this week.

  3. I'm far too impatient to wait on sowing seeds ;)

  4. I love the picture and verse.
    I started today, sowing some broad beans and planting onions and first early potatoes. Flighty xx


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