Friday, 20 January 2012

Salami and Chorizo

I was making Tortilla this week and it occurred to me that we never told you how our Salami and Chorizo worked out.

As the Tortilla ingredients included Eggs from our own Chickens, Potatoes and Peppers that we had grown ourselves, and home made Chorizo, you may guess that we can report a success!

Here are some of the finished articles hanging in our kitchen.
Don't be alarmed by the mould, it's good mould and they are supposed to look like that.

We are very pleased with them.

I have read somewhere that we should have weighed them at the start of the process so that we could weigh them again at intervals to see how much the moisture content has reduced.
We shall do that this year because, yes folks, we shall be making more. Probably quite a few more.
The Family were suitably impressed and I can't think of many things that would fill a Stocking quite like a Salami!

For both the Salami and Chorizo we used a ratio of 4 parts Coarse Minced Pork to 1 part Back Fat.
Both were flavoured with Salt, Red Wine, Garlic and Cracked Black Pepper.
The Chorizo got extra flavouring in the form of Paprika, Smoked Paprika and Cayenne Pepper.
For casings we used Beef Middles.

Our Salami and Chorizo are Rustic - just as they should be - but I think we shall try to be a little more refined in cutting up the fat next time. The recipe we used for guidance said the fat should be 'pea sized' - let's just say that some of ours are more Marrowfat than Petit Pois sized.
We also made some Lonzino but this  was all gobbled up during our break from Blogging and, unfortunately, we have no photo's.
It was also delicious and something quite different.
We shall make some again this year - I have a note to take pictures this time.


  1. They look so good!

    We eat a lot of chorizo & salami, and I would very much like to start making it ourselves too. My other half John is less keen because his (Italian) grandparents made salami in their cellar throughout his childhood and he remembers it "smelling like rotting meat". It looks like you hung yours in a kitchen/pantry - did you notice any smell issues?

    (I'm so glad you're blogging again, btw :) )

    1. Thanks Louisa!
      For the initial drying process we hung them in a spare bedroom with the window ajar during the day. They are now in the kitchen because we don't want them to go rock hard.
      We didn't have any smell issues.
      They were supposed to hang outside initially but it was too damp at the time.

      As to blogging, I just need to play catch-up with reading now!

  2. Lovely blog and would like to try to make but would the buter's sell me the bits i need to make it as we do not have our own pigs and as we not moving dout that we ever will never mine ah

    1. A good butcher should have Back Fat available and any butcher should do Coarse Minced Pork for you.
      Give it a go! :)

  3. Very nice. They do look like they need the fat incorporated better though. Great job though.

    1. Thanks Becky. At the risk of making some Readers gag, the fat is actually very tasty ;)
      They shall look better next year - I hope!

  4. Did you use any cure other than salt in your salami?


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