Thursday, 29 September 2011

Michaelmas 2011

It's fun to be able to look back and see what I was wittering about on this day last year.

Our apples are only half harvested.
We have been threatening to make Cider for the past few weekends but I suspect that will now have to wait until the Large Blacks have gone. We expect them to go next week.

I haven't made any Corn Dollies this year and I haven't gathered any Corn. I am playing with the idea of using my Lavender Stems to try and create a similar effect though.

I have seen the Michaelmas Goose cropping up in news articles this year, mainly because of the traditional belief that if you ate one you would not be short of money over the coming year.
Oh! That it were so simple.
As we note in our Calendar, Goose fairs were originally held at Michaelmas.
This year the Nottingham Goose Fair runs from 5th - 9th October.

Once again, we have no goose to cook but, happily, no debts to settle nor rents to pay.

Last year I was moaning about the wet, miserable weather.
This year the sun is shining on late bloomers such as this Rose.
She's a weedy looking thing and every year I think she's given up the ghost.
Every year she thumbs her pretty little nose at me and produces one, stunning bloom.

 We shall be spending Michaelmas Evening in the company of Jilly, the pigs and the chickens whilst debating our garlic choices for the coming year, and generally putting the world to rights.

Will anyone be having a Michaelmas Goose?


  1. Another fascinating informative post! No Michaelmas Goose here, but I will remember to wear my gloves while pulling my parsley ;)

  2. Thank you for the info on Michaelmas. Here in Canada, it is a term we only hear in British shows.

    Goose is not a favourite of mine - too greasy. I used to have geese when I was a youngster on our home farm, but I found I even had trouble selling them in the fall after feeding them all summer.

  3. If you bought a goose for Michaelmas you would have no money left for the rest of the year!

  4. I love your rose, such a pretty, delicate colour, there are not enough pretty, delicate things in the world for my liking!!

  5. Elaine, you know you posted your comment three times? If it is because you don't see it appear, we approve all comments before they get posted so there is some delay :)

  6. Thanks for your comments, Glo :)

    Musical gardener, I have not had goose since I was a child, but potatoes roasted in goose fat are delicious!

  7. Hi Urban Eden! Thank you for your comments. I shall tell my rose that someone else thinks that she's pretty too :)


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