Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pallet Reclamation

We are fortunate in being able to lay our hands on pallets.
We find that asking nicely works beautifully.

We had high hopes of making all kinds of things from them but, truth be told, we've made very little and their highest utility to date has been as firewood.

It's not easy to strip a pallet into usable pieces of wood. Inevitably, the things we have made so far involve little or no stripping of the structure.
 We used one to make a gate.

We used some to make new compost heap structures and we built a small wood store near the house.

But now we have found a way to strip a pallet effectively and efficiently using a very clever device that we have recently purchased.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Pallet Reclamation Bar.
You can read all about it, and see much better pictures here on the OTG Forum.

I will confess that we were a little dubious at first as we thought that it may not work on the Pallets we have. However, we were assured that the only pallet it cannot tackle is a Solid Deck Pallet.
All the information can be found at the link we have given and Gareth from Cargo Cycles is very friendly and helpful.
Delivery was quick. We were told when it was dispatched and given a tracking reference so we knew when it would arrive.

We are over the moon with it. It really is so simple to use although I really must learn to curb my enthusiasm. After jumping up and down like a 12 year old saying "Let me have a go!" I can no longer hide behind "I can't do it". I had thought it would be too heavy for me to heft, but it is so perfectly balanced that you hardly notice that you are holding it and it does not take a huge amount of effort to use.

And it works!
Of course, not all pallets are 'well made' and sometimes the wood splits around the nails so there is still firewood to be had. But it is much more effective and efficient than methods we were employing before which included trying to lift panels off with a crowbar and sawing the blocks off to give us short planks.

Sadly, the weekend after we took delivery it persisted it down with rain so the Pallet Pile still reigns supreme. But we know that once we start into it, it won't take long for us to reduce the Pile into more manageable and usable pieces and then there will be no stopping us....and we shall be boring you with our Pallet Projects.


  1. That's a nifty looking tool! As you say dismantling pallets is not easy.
    I wonder where we'd gardeners would be without them as they make good compost bins. Flighty xx

  2. I got my pallet bar about three months ago. Really good and it really does take only 90 secs to strip a pallet worth every penny. My mate said it was like having a portable timber yard. Clever, very clever. Project one a lumber shed and a firewood store: Two a shed (with a neat roof: Three work bench: Four shelves. Being able to make stuff without worrying about the cost of wood or hassle. Genuinely superb bit of kit that proved itself without reservation once I started using it. Should win a greenest product award.
    If anyone out there uses timber for practical tasks or fuel(?) Get one .... no ... really ...get one .... no two ... give one as a present ... and make a friend for life as well...

  3. Jonathon, Thank you for visiting and for taking time to leave a comment. You've certainly put your Pallet Reclamation Bar to good use :) We have highlighted your comments Gareth and he is delighted.

  4. great post - thanks for sharing your ideas. I make a lot of trips making a Europe delivery so its nice to see pallets re-used like this.


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