Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pigs Are Still Worth It

In 2008 we supported the "Pigs Are Worth It" campaign which was successful in helping to save the Pig Industry at the time.
Once again the Industry is in crisis, mainly due to the huge increase in Global Grain Prices, and the campaign has been relaunched:

British pigmeat production has high standards of welfare and quality assurance and with recent increases in feed costs producers once again need the support of consumers.

We shall be supporting this new campaign.


  1. I've just signed up too!! :)
    Are they your pigs in the pic Mo?

  2. We have many butchers as customers and know they always have the welfare of the animals at heart. I too will be supporting this campaign.

  3. They look as happy as pigs in muck, oh, they are pigs in muck. Will you be raising some more pigs yourself?

  4. Simon, Yes, they were out first ever pigs. A delight to keep. So pleased you supported the campaign.

    Jo - Yes, we will be raising some more. Probably 4 this time but we haven't settled on breeds yet. We love the Gloucester Old Spots and the meat was good but we might try some others, or maybe a mix.

  5. mrsnesbitt, your comment intrigues me. Butchers as customers? Pleased you support the campaign.

  6. A friend of mine reared some Tamworths a couple of years ago, and i had about 3/4 of one of the pigs when he had them butchered.... it was absolutely delicious!!!! Not cheap mind, but well worth the extra! That made me want some of my own, but i think i will try chickens first this year ;)

  7. No, it's not cheap meat Simon but you get what you pay for. We were with Tamworths for our Pig Course and got to try the meat. Delicious as you say. We can recommend Gloucester Old Spot too :)


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