Friday, 29 October 2010

The Polytunnel Has Landed

We are such happy bunnies.

I keep nipping in just to, well, be in it.

Our first thought was "Party!"

Of course, we've been sensible and discussed layouts and what to grow but once the thing is actually there your mind does a little flip and your imagination runs wild.

Details, details....
It's a Haygrove Garden Tunnel. We did a lot of research before we opted for this and we are more than satisfied with what we have. We chose Haygrove for a number of reasons, some of which are:
  • The Shape - It's like a greenhouse so you don't lose height inside as you do with the curved tunnels.
  • The Vents - The vents at either side are included in the package. They roll up easily to allow you to control the temperature inside and can be battened down in winter. The inner netting keeps out the bugs.
  • It's built on a skid with anchors and the plastic 'ziploks' on. No trenches to dig. The whole thing can easily be moved and it will be relatively easy to replace the plastic.
  • The structure is 40mm galvanised steel and the cover is woven plastic so all-in-all it's pretty sturdy.
  • The pricing system is simple. Everything you basically need comes as a standard part of the package with a few optional extras that really are optional and not a necessity. It was much easier to budget for.

We opted for doors at both ends, a potting table and some trellis cables. We can move the potting table to between any of the uprights, but it is hinged anyway so can be lifted and locked out of the way.

I've already mentioned that we also opted to have it constructed for us and I have to say it was well worth it. The guys were great. They worked hard, consulted me along the way and left everything neat and tidy. There is no way we could have built it so efficiently. Besides, we still have all the hard work to do...

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